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What is a good ATAR score?

What is a good ATAR score?

For some, the highest score of 99.95 is the only score that counts, for others, any score is a justification that they have completed their HSC and have survived the process intact. The truth is an ATAR is as important as you want to make it.

What is a good ATAR score for entering Uni?

An ATAR score sets the entry point for Universities. For students, it can be a real motivator when the course you want to study post-HSC needs an ATAR of 90+. However, it can equally serve, as a leveller of dreams when you realise you won’t even get close to the entry score needed.

Should the ATAR score define you?

Absolutely not! Universities are businesses and prospective students are dollars on seats. When the ATAR results do not match the University thresholds, the Universities lose money. Watch closely how entry ATAR levels drop when a University course isn’t at full capacity.

Will you use your ATAR score again?

For 20 years as an educator, I have witnessed time and time again that there are students who overachieve the ATAR, and those who underachieve their score. Either way, students more often than not make their way to University. The irony of the whole system is that once you have obtained our HSC and ATAR, you will never use it again. The HSC is just a stepping-stone to the next level.

What should ATAR score mean to you?

My advice is to forget about the ATAR and to concentrate on your HSC. Hard work is always rewarded. If you can reflect on your HSC and ATAR and honestly say you’ve done your best, then that is all you need to achieve. The HSC isn’t made for the smartest students to succeed, it is simply a rigorous journey and a game that needs to be played consistently well from the beginning.

You cannot cheat the system. Doing little during YR 12 and smashing the exam isn’t enough, you have to bring your work ethic to every lesson and to every assessment for your internal school mark to have an affect.

Finally, your score isn’t a measure of yourself, more of a reflection of your effort you have endured and spread over a minimum of 5 HSC subjects. There are many ways to get to your destination and you will always get there. Never give up, do your best and your score will follow.

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