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Do you need an ATAR to get into TAFE?

An ATAR or Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank is not needed to get into TAFE. TAFE uses a different system to determine if you can apply or if you will be accepted into a course or not – This is called CAR or Course Admission Requirements.

What do you need to get into TAFE?

  • CSPA or Core Skills Profile for adults which is basically testing the levels of your literacy and numeracy skills, certain courses require a higher level CSPA for admission.
  • Completion of SACE or equivalent which granted if you have completed your SACE.
  • TAFE/VET/Higher Education Level Study which requires at least a completion of Level 3 Qualification or Certificate III qualification.

Although, you can meet Course Admission Requirements through STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) results or through completion of University Bridging/Foundation courses.

Admission for TAFE courses can be competitive or non-competitive.

For competitive admissions there are limited placements available, so you will complete the CAR and be ranked against other applicants, with the higher rankings getting offered a placement first.For non-competitive admissions there is no limit to available placements, so if you complete the CAR then you will be offered a placement.

You don’t need an ATAR to get into TAFE.

The ATAR is basically a ranking system that is used by universities to determine whether you will be accepted or not into courses that they provide.

An ATAR is very different from a SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) completion.

A SACE completion is used to show that a person has completed secondary schooling.

An ATAR is calculated by combining your grades or results and comparing those to the results of all other students to give you a score/ranking between 0.00 and 99.95.

That ranking is the ATAR that universities use to determine whether you are eligible or not to apply for a course.


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