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Year 12 muck up day ideas

Muck up day ideas by a former year 12 Student, Alexandra.

So muck-up day is around the corner and you are not to sure what to do, you’re in luck; here are 15 muck-up day ideas to inspire your chaos.

Muck up day ideas 1. The classic water balloon fight.

Bring balloons filled with water, and the rest is self explanatory, throw them at younger grades or fellow peers!

Muck up day ideas 2. Zip it!

This prank is the most infuriating, everyone must buy a large bag of zip ties and put one around everything, doors, bag zips, bikes and zip tie all the scissors!

Muck up day ideas 3. Last melon standing.

This will need to go on for about a week and should definitely include a prize to really get people to put all their effort into it, what you do is everyone in the leaving grade get a melon or watermelon and you dress it up and treat it as a baby, who’s ever baby stays in one piece the longest wins !!

Muck up day ideas 4. Airhorn raiders.

This prank is a loud one, the leaving grade should hide many air horns behind the doors around the school so when they are pushed open the horn goes off giving the poor person who opened the door the fright of their life!

Muck up day ideas 5. Removable graffiti!

CHALK! Cover your school in chalk write wherever possible!

Muck up day ideas 6. Leavers scootin’

Every leaver for the day gets to ride around on a scooter !

Muck up day ideas 7. Vaseline.

Cover everything that people are forced to touch in Vaseline! Example, toilet handles, door handles, tap handles as well!

Muck up day ideas 8. Thy shall not pass!

Cover every door way with Gladwrap!

Muck up day ideas 9. music day.

Every leaver bring a portable speaker to school and play it full volume!

Muck up day ideas 10. Flash mobs.

Pick random classrooms to just walk into, do a dance, leave straight after like it never happened.

Muck up day ideas 11. Water gun/nerf

Bring water guns or nerf guns to school and battle it out!

Muck up day ideas 12. Air refresher bombs!

Most air refreshers have a trigger to make them spray, take this and wrap a zip tie around them and chuck it into the classroom of choice ! For a overwhelming fresh classroom.

Muck up day ideas 13. Bubble bath in toilets.

This is self explanatory once they flush the bubble will begin to overflow!

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