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Graduate entry medicine without GAMSAT

If you didn’t get the GAMSAT score you wanted, you’re not ALONE. The road to medicine is difficult and sometimes it can feel like your climbing a mountain without a peak.

How to get into Medicine without a great GAMSAT Score?

However, there’s still ways to use that GPA you worked so hard for, to get where you want to be. Several Universities consider university marks, school marks and apply appropriate adjustments when students are from rural or indigenous backgrounds (some universities will even adjust your GAMSAT Score).

The 11 GAMSAT Consortium schools of the Graduate Entry Medical Schools Admission System (GEMSAS) offer Post Graduate Medicine Studies, but all have strict GAMSAT score requirements.

However certain Undergraduate Medical Schools highly regard higher level education.

Bond University’s Undergraduate Medicine Program allocates approximately 20% of places to post graduate students, there are 10-15 students at JCU and almost 10% of Curtin University’s Undergraduate program that are made up of students with higher education studies or through bridging courses.

While Curtin still requires the UCAT, Universities such as Bond University, James Cook University, University of Newcastle consider your GPA/WAM (even if you’re in the middle of your degree) and this can be enough in some cases for universities to then progress you to the next stage of the application process (Interviews, etc.).

The application process is still the same (i.e. through state tertiary admission centres QTAC, TISC etc.) following which universities can automatically look at your academic grade and decide on the next step.

For students not wishing to go through another bachelor’s degree, there are a couple of options restricted to certain cohorts. Students who have completed their undergraduate studies at Monash University with certain subjects (https://www.monash.edu/medicine/som/grad-entry/entry) are the only students eligible to apply for Post-Graduate Studies in Medicine at their Gippsland Campus.

The sole criteria for an interview are your Weighted Average Mark and the competition pool is a lot smaller. James Cook University gives students a chance to transfer credit form previous degrees and allow student to skip subjects or years depending on the degree.

Bond University have a lateral entry program for their top Biomedical Students into the second year of their Medical Program and University of Tasmania have a similar program where students in their Bachelor of Medical Research Program who have a competitive UCAT Score can apply directly into their Medical Program.

It’s important to reach out to all 22 Medical Schools (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) and explain your unique situation as every university has special pathways into their medical degree.

Make sure to explain why you want to pursue this career and remember that universities deal with questions like this all the time, so make sure to call, email or go in person to a Medical School and look at how you can take advantage of your strengths and experiences to improve your application.

Best of Luck!

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