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Coming for a small town the very popular public vs private school debate was never an issue for me. We lived out of town and the only primary school was a state run one and then when I went to secondary school I had to do this in town and went to the private school that my parents taught at. So I guess this put me in a good position of getting to see the best of both worlds.

Becoming a parent and living in Brisbane with the vast abundance of schools to choose from this debate however with something very much at the forefront of my mind.

I am lucky to be at an advantage having a parent that is still a teacher in Catholic Education because I get to have a closer view of what is involved and some of the benefits private schools provide. One of the greatest benefits I have seen with my children’s school is the sense of community, not to say this doesn’t occur in public schools, however I have found it very prevalent in my children’s school.

With NAPLAN these days it does give parents the benefit of seeing how certain schools perform in academic which personally I believe is important for your children’s development. I was previously interested in my children doing the same as me, public for primary and private for secondary, however I am happy after seeing the NAPLAN results and getting recommendations for the school they are in now.

Ultimately the biggest decision to make for a parent I believe is reputation versus cost. If you are able to get your child into a public school with a good reputation that performs well in NAPLAN and sports, etc you are well on the way to being successful with your child. On the flip side if you are able to find a private school with a good reputation that has reasonable fees the extra money invested in your child can get them streets ahead of another school that has an average reputation.

Both private and public schools have positives and negatives, personally for me it comes down to cost versus benefits. If you are pouring money into a school which only has a similar reputation to a school that is very what is the benefit that yourself and your child is getting out of this. Equally if you are able to spend a moderate amount of money but get your child into a school that has a much better reputation than a school that is free this will be a massive benefit to yourself and your child.

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