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Reflective Teaching Practice

Reflective teaching in simple term is a process of self-observation and self-evaluation. Looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about if it works and identifying areas for revisions or improvements.

Have you ever wondered if what you do is enough?

I’m a primary teacher and this constantly runs through my head. Did they get it? Was I clear enough? Will they remember tomorrow? Will they remember next week? And most importantly, do they realise how much I care?

Every day I go home I think about what went well, what could I have done better, how can I make a difference?

Last year, with 32 amazing Stage 3 students, supportive school executives and openly grateful parents, I realised that I do make a difference and yes, they know how much I care.

What did I do differently?

Well, I reflected every day. I changed things as I went. I talked about it with my supervisors. I asked for help. I talked to my students. I showed them that I failed, and that it was ok. I showed them how to reflect, on each other and on themselves.

We became our own cheer squad. I reminded them every day that I am their biggest fan and as long as they do their best that will never change.

Growth mindset…. the latest big deal but I’m here to tell you it works.

If you show someone they are capable of anything if they just try, then they can achieve great things.

If your friends tell you they can see you struggling and it’s ok, you can turn yourself around.

If someone shows you how to work out what’s the best way for you, then you are on your way.

32 of my favourite people changed my life, and I changed theirs. By reflecting on ourselves, and giving each other two stars and a wish, we became the best we could be, with a bright future ahead.

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Sim K


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