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Social benefits of physical activity and sports

School life can be a difficult time even for the most gifted in the social realm! There are all these various groups at school and in the community. You spend so much time trying to find which group or groups you fit in with best.

Sometimes you just need an icebreaker, something that will help you to get involved with particular groups. You see these various groups shooting hoops, playing a game of touch or kicking around the soccer ball and you can ask hey can I join in?

The answer is usually a resounding YES! Joining in with their group sport or activity helps get the conversation flowing and you can easily make some new friends or work out these people are not quite for you.

Once you have found your group or groups and you have regular or impromptu sporting activities to be involved in you will find school becomes easier. You will end up becoming less stressed over time about your schoolwork and looming deadlines because your social life is in check and you are getting a good amount of physical activity on a regular basis.

Participating in physical activity and team sports has the added benefit of helping you in other ways.

What are the social benefits of physical activity and sports?

Playing sport within a team helps develop your skills in collaboration, communication and working together towards a team goal. Team sports also help you to think strategically and outside the box in order to achieve the goal that has been set, whilst also teaching you discipline, responsibility and accountability to the game and your teammates.

The self-discipline that comes from playing team sports helps students to focus more and tends to limit procrastination that often occurs amongst students making your academic life easier and more successful. Physical activity in general helps you to relax whilst also helping to reduce anxiety and boosts your energy levels, which leads to an increase in productivity.

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