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Education Trends in 2019

What are the Education Trends in 2019?

The education sector is an ever-evolving environment, but here are some current trends that are happening now in 2019.

  1. Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  2. Flexible Learning Spaces
  3. 21st Century Learning
  4. Differentiated Learning Groups
  5. Peer Tutoring
  6. Self-Reflected Learning

Education Trend 1 – Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

The PPP is a contract between government funded schools and private schools to help provide new and different learning places. The infrastructure provided by the private sector is vital for the growth of the government schools, as they have access to learning technology that may be lacking in government schools.

Education Trend 2 – Flexible Learning Spaces

A flexible working space is where the learning environment separates into distinct and suitable places for a variety of learning and outcomes achievable by the student. A space is divided to allow for individual learning, small group work, entire class group discussion, and a place for project creation.

Education Trend 3 – 21st Century Learning

Incorporating the resources available in our digital and mobile networks to allow students to learn in their own ways and at their own pace. Resources include, having access to digital textbooks, allowing internet use and offering the student to compile a timetable that suits them.

It is using mobile technologies available to better support student and teacher needs, and getting the student used to a world where mobile technology is growing at an incredible rate.

Education Trend 3 – Differentiated Learning Groups

These are used to accommodate individual learning strategies. Although it relies on a lot of preplanning, the rewards are well worth it. Students that are learning at the same rate share and learn together and become more productive.

Education Trend 5 – Peer Tutoring

To remove the disconnect between teacher and student relationships, the peer tutoring strategy can be used. It is especially effective with low attaining and special needs students. Although not a replacement for standard teaching it does give the opportunity to students to learn from their class mates, be in it the same level or one higher.

Education Trend 6 – Self-Reflected Learning

Classrooms are modified so the student can reflect on their own work. To ask themselves the question and discover if there is something else they might have done to perform a task better or just in a different way. It engages the student to examine their own progress. Often a teacher needs to assist in the self-reflection process, so the student can understand how to reflect properly.

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