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School Starting Age – The is the right age to start school

Your child will be spending some of their most formative years with us in the education system. As a parent, you want to see your child receiving the best opportunities to succeed. In Australia, our education system strives to ensure that children are nurtured, challenged and socialised according to age appropriate levels. In this way, children thrive as a result of teaching and learning targeted at their maturity and developmental stage.

What age does child start kindergarten?

Starting in Kindergarten, your child will be guided in their educational journey to develop social skills, physical skills and a love of learning through play-based activities. From 2020, this opportunity will be available from the age of 3 for Junior Kindergarten. At the age of 4, a second year of Kindergarten will provide valuable preparation in your child’s learning journey.

Primary school starting age

Prep is an early education program guiding your child’s transition into primary school. To commence this year, your child needs to turn 5 by the 30th April. This can be a really important year to support your child in successful transition to primary school and to foster their enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Before you know it, your child has reached the age of compulsory schooling. Year 1 of primary school begins in the year that your child turns 6 before the 30th June. In these formative years, your child will be supported and nurtured through their social, physical, mental and academic development. By the time they reach Year 6, they will have developed the skills, confidence and independence needed for high school.

What age do children start secondary school?

At the age of 12, your child will begin high school in Year 7. Your child’s primary school will work with the local feeder high school to arrange orientation programmes to help them to feel confident in their transition into high school. This is an exciting time for your child where they will engage with a curriculum designed to cater for a wide range of talents and interests.

Compulsory schooling continues through high school to the age of 17, with Year 12 being the final year of high school, culminating in the Victoria Certificate of Education (VCE) exam. By now your child has the knowledge, skills and confidence to continue with tertiary education, engage in a meaningful gap year or enter the workforce.

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