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Living In Melbourne – How is life and reasons to live in

Reasons for living in Melbourne?

  • Convenience, what ever you want to do, you are likely to find it somewhere near you
  • Diversity
  • One of the most liveable cities in the world
  • Surrounded by the creative life force

What do you want to do? One day you wake up and you want to try something new. You open that Google search and look for what ever that urge is, near you. You find it. It is only twenty minutes away. That is the reality of living in Melbourne, what ever you want to do, you are likely to find it somewhere near you, regardless if you live close to the central business district.

That does not mean you need to shun the city though. Living in Melbourne, there is always something to discover. Walking down the street in Melbourne, regardless of how you look, you will find it hard pressed to feel judged based on your appearance.

Diversity, you will find your clique here. Nooks and crannys, laneways and alleys…pockets of intrigue, curiosity and just that little weird. After living here for a while, you will find yourself saying “oh that is just so Melbourne.”

In a city of so many people, you may think that you will become overwhelmed by the tall buildings, intense traffic and the regular commuters, but there is something about Melbourne that helps it avoid that coldness of other large cities. It has a pulse, a life blood and a buzz that seems to linger in the air. Whether you are sitting in a pub at St Kilda, drinking a coffee in Brunswick or eating pho in St. Albans, there is just a heartbeat that pulses throughout the city.

There is a reason people become addicted to Melbourne, either aspiring artists wanting to be surrounded by the creative life force Melbourne seems emanate, or the prospects of opportunity that come with living in one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Melbourne is alive. It is not an in your face “we are here” making noise type of liveliness, rather it is a subtle low hum of energy, seeping into the veins of visitors and deeply entrenched in those who have lived here for some time now. If you haven’t lived here yet, give it a go…especially while the rental prices are not so bad (at least in comparison to the rest of Australia).

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Sim K


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