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Introvert Vs Extrovert

Can you be both Introvert Vs Extrovert?

Most of us think being introverted or extroverted is as easy as falling into one of two categories. What would you rather? Stay at home on a Friday night or would you rather go out with friends to a bar? Can you want and do both? The answer is yes! Two-thirds of people do not strongly identify as introverts or extroverts and these people are called ambiverts, who have both introverted and extroverted tendencies.

You can be an introvert with extroverted traits and be an extrovert with introverted traits. The truth is our personality is not just black or white but a little grey, most of us can express and possess both of these core traits.

The difference between Introvert and Extrovert?

Extroverts are talkative, outgoing individuals and sometimes it could be those who loves being the centre of attention. On the other hand, Introverts are quiet, private and someone who may need some alone space to clear their mind.

Picture a room full of people, pick out the introvert to the extrovert, how easy would it be? The truth is it wouldn’t be, we may see someone who loves being the centre of attention, but then how do we know they’re just not overestimating their liquid courage.

The person could spend nights in a row in the comfort of their home watching movies in pyjamas, but this particular night they seem extroverted. It comes down to our perception, how we perceive people and how quick we are to make a rapid judgment about their personality. Does it bring us any value to pick out someone’s personality and make an assumption of the kind of person they are?

Irrespective of where we as individuals sit on the spectrum, there’s no doubt that personality plays a huge role in our everyday lives. It affects our work life, personal life and social lives. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the two types, and that’s a good thing, especially as our society and the culture we’re in has become more and more obsessed with dividing us, the perception society should have on us should be in our values and our morals not just the extreme types of our personality.

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