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How much are you spending on your stationery?

1) What stationery do you usually buy for yourself?

I will buy myself anything to do with stationery! From pens, pencils, texters, highlighters, note books, paper clips, sticky notes and pins.

2) How much are you paying for your stationery?

I am paying anywhere from 50cents each piece to $40 each piece for my stationery. Depending on the brand.

3) Where do you usually shop for stationery?

Normally I will shop on WISH for my stationery, especially if I’m wanting to buy Japanese/ Chinese inspired stuff. Other times I might go to office works, I find that office works stationery lasts a lot longer than stationery from other places. Ill occasionally go to Big W, Kmart or Target.

Although, My two favourite places to shop for stationery are Typo and Smiggle. Typo and Smiggle are generally fairly priced, they have unique styles and they are very popular with people.

4) Is the design of stationery important? If you like the design, do you mind paying more to buy it?

Yes! The design of my stationery is important to me! I have a few themes when it comes to stationery. My themes that I try to stick with are having the packaging in Pastel colours, Chinese/Japanese inspired and animal shapes. I won’t mind paying an extra few dollars for the cutest stationery.

Although, I find that just because something is expensive that doesn’t mean its any good. I have spent $4 for some of my most favourite items

5) What are the design trends among students?

The design trends that I have observed over my time at school are anything cute, fluffy, marble, colourful and weird. A lot of people will have Marble designs on their notebooks and sticky notes. People are also into having Japanese and Chinese inspired stationery, this normally is Japanese/Chinese characters. Smelly pens and texters are also quiet popular.

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