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Time management techniques and strategies for students

Time management is a strategy that help students to complete tasks or revisions in time with a steady and efficient workflow.

The ability to manage time is a crucial skill for all students, particularly during the busy periods of a semester. Often, assessments can build up towards the end of a study period, leaving students feeling overwhelmed and strained.

The best way to overcome a heavy workload is employing effective time management strategies. Successful workflow management can be synthesised into three key tips.

Time management techniques and strategies 1. Prioritise.

Each assignment has a due date, so ensure that you are completing the more time-critical assessments first. Keep in mind that some tasks require more effort than others, so these will need to be started before the rest. Reading and analysing all of your assessment details before making a priority list will assist with effective prioritisation.

Time management techniques and strategies 2. Make a planner.

Most students do more than simply studying. You might have extracurricular activities, sporting commitments, or work that you need to balance alongside your study. Creating a planner will allow you to identify free time in your week that you can dedicate wholeheartedly to homework and studying.

Time management techniques and strategies 3. Stick to your deadlines.

Getting an extension on an assignment is unlikely to help you in the long run. It just delays your stress and effort. Adhering to deadlines is essential for keeping on track and not letting all of your tasks bank up into one unmanageable heap.

Practising good time management during your study years will enable better management of tasks when you eventually enter the workforce.

Although some steps, like the three above, can be taken to warrant better organisation, getting tasks complete ultimately comes down to just doing it! At the end of the day, the quicker you begin the work, the quicker it will be done.

Surround yourself with positive, motivating friends, and continually remind yourself of your long term study goals. Doing so will increase your drive to finish work.

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