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How do I find a private tutor in 2020?

Are you still finding a private tutor through a tutoring agency or simply rely on the tutors your friends may know? In fact, finding a private tutor who is right for you is a lot easier than before in 2020. In this post, we will take you through how you can easily find your private tutor next year. 

Before we go into how you can find a private tutor in 2020, first we need to know the things we would consider when hiring a tutor.

Traditionally, tutoring agency would match you and the tutor based on a couple of things such as location, rate and gender. Students will be assigned a tutor based on their requirements, although this service is usually not free, in order for a tutoring agency to survive they would need to charge you a commission fee or increase the tuition fee if the tutor is working for them. 

In 2020, finding a tutor will be much more affordable. There are many online platforms where tutors can advertise their services for free rather than going through the agency. Although students would need to take the responsibility of choosing the right tutor themselves. 

Platforms like us also noticed this need for students to be able to self selecting tutors themselves. When you are choosing a private tutor for yourself or for your child, always choose platforms which is specialise in the tutoring field. Ensure to check if the platforms provide additional tools to guide you through who you should be hiring such as selecting gender, filtering tutor’s qualifications, sorting tuition fee, tutor reviews, messaging tool for students to have their initial discussion with tutor online, etc. 









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