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Tips for choosing the right student accommodation

Entering university life is new, exciting and daunting all at the same time. There are so many elements to consider and it can be incredibly overwhelming. The team at Tutors Field surveyed their students to identify these tips for choosing the university student accommodation that will best suit you! 

Firstly, there are various types of student accommodation available that you need to consider. We will take you through the top tips for choosing each of the accommodation option. 


  • Tips For Choosing University On-Campus Accommodation


You will find majority of the larger universities and TAFES will have on campus living options that you can rent out.

Room options: Generally, these are fully furnished with various options of studio, 1 bedroom/bathroom, 2 bedrooms/1-bathroom, apartment/flat with multiple rooms and bathrooms.

Facilities: Some will have communal areas that you share with other students such as bathrooms, swimming pools, BBQ areas, student lounge, WIFI, gaming/entertainment areas, outdoor kitchen, convenience stores/shops close by, and parking areas. This is a great opportunity to be able to meet other students and make the most out of your university life.

Extras: There are even some universities which may offer catering services at additional fees.

Cost: $-$$

The cost of most university accommodation options is quite low and affordable. Some universities will offer scholarship options for accommodation costs as well. When you consider the inclusions and location, you definitely get bang for your buck.


  • Tips For Choosing Private rental properties


Another option is to rent a property either by yourself, with your partner, with some of your friends or in shared accommodation.

Room options: Generally, for a shared house situation, the room option will be limited to a 1-bedroom space with the rest of the house being shared with others. In some instances, you may be lucky enough to score an en suite attached to your bedroom so you don’t have to share a bathroom. Of course, if you live with friends, by yourself or just with your partner, there will be much more space available.

Majority of the time, these will not be furnished so you will need to fork out the expense of furniture, cooking utensils, entertainment etc. which is incredibly expensive. It is not impossible to find a furnished property, but it is rare and the rent will be higher.

Facilities: The facilities available will depend on the property. It may be part of a complex/apartment or it could be a stand-alone house. Often, you will just have the necessities.

Extras: You may have internet or electricity included in your rent as well which can be a massive saving or a hinderance. As mentioned, if you want a furnished property you will need to search for one and pay extra for it. Some places may allow pets as well so that is always a bonus!

Cost: $-$$$

This type of accommodation is quite expensive in the initial as you are required to pay at least 4 week’s rent for bond up front as well as the likely expense of furnishing. However, you may prefer your own space in this type of environment. You also have to consider moving everything to another location!


  • Tips For Choosing Stay at home


This is, of course, the cheapest and easiest option for most students that live locally. Staying at home where mum or dad can help you to deal with life is very appealing.

Room options: Depending on your parents, you may have just your own room, you may have a study as well and access to basically any room in the house. For most, it will be your childhood bedroom with all of your belongings already organised.

Facilities: You have access to all the general areas of the house such as kitchen and entertainment areas without any real limits. You may even have a pool or other facilities at your home.

Extras: Mum and dad will be able to help take care of chores such as cooking and cleaning when you really need to study. That’s pretty darn great.

Cost: $

Now, some parents may make you pay board once you reach a certain age but most generally, it will be incredibly affordable compared to any other accommodation option.


  • Tips For Choosing Home Stay


For international students, it can be terrifying coming to a completely different country and having no idea about the culture or living situations. Thankfully, there are organisations which help organise accommodation with Home Stay families that can assist in making it a smooth transaction.

Room options: This will be similar to a shared house situation, where the room option will be limited to a 1-bedroom space with the rest of the house being shared with others.

Facilities: You have access to all the general areas of the house such as kitchen and entertainment areas and the homestay family will generally cook for you and assist however they possibly can.

Extras: Your homestay family may take you out to see attractions and experience the country you are now staying in.

Cost: $-$$$

The cost of coming overseas and finding accommodation with a family can be expensive. It will depend on the family and what you want.

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