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Preparing your family for a swimming holiday

School summer holidays are a time for making fun memories with family and friends, however when travelling to a new or familiar holiday destination that’s close to the water, it can be unnerving for children and parents, especially if it’s bub’s first holiday. 

To ensure the littlest member of the family can join in on the summer fun; whether that’s by the beach, pool or river, and that the biggest member of the family has peace of mind, leading swim school, Kingswim has prepared its tips so families can have a safe and fun summer. 

Summer pre-holiday checklist

  • Lessons – when planning a holiday or in the lead up to summer, ensure your child is booked into lessons and can complete at least one full term before any major swimming trips. If this isn’t possible, classes like Kingswim’s Fast Track are a great way to catch up or refresh your child’s skills before summer holidays.
  • Skill level – ask your child’s teacher for an update on their swim skill level before going on holidays and if there is anything you can continue practising while away. 
  • Confidence – check in with your child about their confidence levels in the water and refresh key water safety tips together. Royal Life Saving has great resources on beach and river safety. 
  • Support – if your child lacks confidence in the water, be supportive and encouraging to ensure you can both have fun and enjoy the water together.
  • Communication – let friends and family know your child’s ability level. This will help children enjoy the water within their limits and means extra eyes watching out for safety and signs of trouble. 
  • Supervision – never take your eyes off kids in the water.
  • Protection – any time spent outside, especially in the water, means sun protection is crucial. Remember to use water-resistant sunscreen and reapply every few hours.  
  • Energy and hydration – swimming is exhausting, especially for little ones, bring enough food and water to replenish energy and hydration levels. 

Kingswim Area Manager and mother of four, Anne Brown knows that families eagerly await the summer months. She says with this checklist, parents can rest assured they and their children will feel comfortable in the water, ready to create wonderful memories.


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