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5 tips for landing your first graduate job after university

After years of study and hard work, you’ve finally done it: You’ve graduated from university. All-nighters, group assignments, exams – they’re all behind you now, and you’re looking forward to starting a career in your dream industry. There’s just one small problem, after weeks of applications and interviews, you still haven’t landed your graduate role.

Getting a graduate job straight after university can be tough. The number and variety of jobs on the market can be overwhelming, and competition is increasingly stiff. Combined with the difficulty of adjusting to life after graduation, the job hunting process can quickly transform what should be one of the happiest times of your life into one of the most stressful.

If it feels like you can’t get a job after graduation, don’t be disheartened – many of your peers are probably in the same boat. With the right plan and a strategic approach, finding a job after uni is definitely possible.

We’ve teamed up with GradConnection, the experts at helping graduates find

work, to give you five tips for landing your first graduate role. From where to find new grad opportunities to getting an internship after graduation, here are their top tips.

Search in the right places

It may sound obvious, but one of the first steps to finding employment after university is making sure you look in the right places. Generic employment platforms will have plenty of listings, but experience requirements often rule out jobs for new graduates with no experience.

The GradConnection Graduate Jobs and Graduate Programs page brings together a curated list of recent grad jobs with some of the most sought-after companies. Whether you’re ready to enjoy life after an engineering degree on the east coast or to start a career in marketing in Melbourne, they’ve got you covered.

Present yourself in the best possiblelight

Professional presentation is always important, but is particularly critical when you’re aiming for your first job after uni. Make sure that your resume is up to date, neatly formatted, and includes all relevant information, and that your profile on LinkedIn or any other professional networking platform is accurate and professional. If you’re looking for new grad opportunities in a creative field like architecture or graphic design, collate your best work into a succinct portfolio.

Make it personal

Managers and senior staff responsible for hiring new graduates see dozens of resumes and faces every day, so ensure that you stand out. Preface all your job applications with a tailored, personalised cover letter, and follow up phone and face-to-face interviews with a thank you email. Not only will this distinguish you from the competition – it’ll also show your potential employer that you’re proactive and professional.

Think laterally

For many graduates, the reality is that your first job after uni won’t be your dream position – and that’s alright. If you’re struggling to find employment after university, it may be worth casting a wider net and considering graduate jobs outside, but related to, the field in which you graduated. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and develop new skills while you wait for your dream role to come along.

Consider aninternship

Getting an internship after graduation is also a viable option for those struggling to find full-time graduate employment. An internship or vacation program can ease you into the professional world and equip you with industry-specific skills and experience, potentially with less pressure than full-time employment.

Finding a graduate job can be difficult, but it’s not impossible

In many ways, securing employment after university is like a real-world uni assignment: With a bit of planning, strategic thinking, and hard work, you’ve got good chances of acing it.

Ready to put our top tips into action? Start your graduate job search with GradConnection today!

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