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A Guide to Hiring a Tutor in the UK

A Guide to Hiring a Tutor in the UK

A tutor is someone who may be a good asset to any child who is not doing well with schoolwork. To get the best results, you want to ensure the person you hire is fully qualified. You also want to ensure they are committed and that they can maintain the scheduling flexibility that you require. When your child is not doing great with keeping up with school, a tutor can be a good option. Here are several tips that you can use to make a good choice.

1. Knowledge and Experience

You will find tutors available at a range of different ages and grade levels. Ensure that the person you end up choosing has the knowledge needed to handle the subjects your child needs help with. Along with this, the tutor you end up choosing needs to know how to work with students in your respective child’s age group and their level of understanding according to Charlotte Reynolds who is a teacher offering 11 plus tuition Bucks, UK .

2. References

Another major thing you should be doing before choosing one would be checking up on their references. You want to ask as many questions as possible when hiring a tutor. You should be asking for and checking for references. That way, you will be able to ensure the tutor is fully qualified and that they have the requisite character to work well with children. You should consider leveraging Angie’s List as it can be very useful in helping you find good tutors in your area. Any member gets access to local reviews of different tutors in the area. 

3. Availability and Flexibility

You also want to consider the tutor’s availability. Any session that is conducted late at night can be ineffective. Therefore, you want to ensure they are offering availability that works with your child’s schedule.

Consistency is another important thing that will dictate the success rate of the tutoring sessions you can get. However, you don’t want to over-schedule the sessions. Having flexibility can be very helpful. If your child has an exam that is scheduled anytime soon, you may want to get in another session before the date. Ask whether or not a tutor would be able to accommodate you in this type of situation. 

4. Private Learning Center

You will find tutors that only offer individual tuition sessions or even group sessions. Some students may do better in a group session. Whereas, others may prefer and excel at one on one sessions. You may even want to look for one that offers the flexibility to choose from different options. If you do end up going with a full learning center, you will want to check if the same tutor would be available for each session.

5. Personal Connection

Regardless of how good a private tutor is, you want to ensure your child is comfortable with the person. If not, the results of the tutoring are likely to be less effective. Thus, you should take your time to try to find the right tutor for the job. Always include your child when you are doing the tutoring. After a couple of sessions or so, you should be able to figure out how the progress is going. As with anything, if you don’t see the results you are seeking, you could opt to change tutors for better results.

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