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How you can help your child settle into childcare

First of all it’s very important that the child and the parent or caregiver go to the childcare facility and have a tour. They can have a good look around at all the facilities and meet all the staff, other parents and other children. So how you can help your child settle into childcare?

Settle into childcare

The child can meet everyone so the child can feel very comfortable and welcome. It’s very important for the child to develop relationships with the staff and other children. Children love to be with other people!

Routine is also very important for young children. They feel more comfortable when there is a routine right at the very start when they start a new centre. Find out the childcare centres routine. Consistency is also very important, having things done the same way so children know what to expect.

Transitioning is also very relevant. Children like to know what’s coming next. When a child starts a new centre the child can spend small periods of time in the centre with a caregiver and/or parent so the child can feel more at ease in the centre.

Gradually a child will start to feel more comfortable and the parent won’t need to be there and the child will feel more settled. If a child is upset, giving the child a fun activity to do will distract them and hopefully make them feel more comfortable. Just not too fun otherwise they will never leave the centre!

If the child has a comforter such as a teddy, a blanket or other similar item then they can bring that to childcare. It will make them feel more secure and at ease in the centre. 

It’s always very important for a parent and/or caregiver to say goodbye when they leave a child at a childcare centre. A child likes to feel as though they know the caregiver and or parent will be back to pick them up. It makes them feel more secure.

Parents and/or caregivers can also ring the centre at anytime to discuss how their child is going. Parents also can feel uneasy about childcare so having open communication is great. 

With all these tips and hints children should be settling into childcare in no time.


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