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Tips writing a resume with no experience

When looking for a job the most important information needed in your resume is your experience. Although what happens when you don’t have that experience to put onto your resume or you are applying for your very first job?

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Here are my tips to write a resume with no experience

If you have completed certificates within your schooling ensure that they are the points that stand out on your resume, you may not have the experience they will want although with your certificates this will ensure the employer that you have understanding of the role of the job being applied for within that industry.

Ensure that you include key information within these certificates these are the key elements to all success when getting a job using no experience.

I went through the same process with no experience located within my resume. Applying these skills from school classes and receiving these certificates landed me a job within the gym industry thanks to my certificate 3 in Sport and Recreation.

Through allowing for them to read about the key factors that come with me retaining this certificate allowed for me to receive an interview which landed me the job of a personal trainer.

Having no experience from the beginning I was beginning to wonder if there was a chance of me even being able to land a job. 

The key to gaining experience from my knowledge is to allow for an interviewer to either provide you with the training that would be required. As well as always be willing to do anything that is asked of you when you are being accepted into the job.

Your resume is what draws people in so the more explicit and creative you can get with your wording on your prior skills will make all the difference out there within the job industry.

Sooner or later an agency will be willing to give you the experience needed if you can show them that you are willing to give it your all and be willing to complete anything necessary.  

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