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One on one tutoring or group tutoring?

There are advantages and disadvantages of One on One tutoring and Group tutoring. 

Advantages of One on one tutoring:

In One-on-One tutoring, the individual is given individual attention and this can be accommodated to the individual’s abilities and the areas they need to work on. This type of tutoring also enables a workspace where there are no distractions. It also encourages confidence and the ability to work on areas that need improving. 

Disadvantages of One on one tutoring:

This type of tutoring can be costly and may not be affordable for everyone. It may also be that the tutor’s personality may not work well with the individual. This can affect the results that are achieved. It can also be that the tutor may not be beneficial to the particular individual. All tutors have their strengths and weaknesses. It may simply not be a good match. 

Advantages of Group tutoring:

One of the advantages is building the skill of teamwork. It is an effective way to share ideas and concepts. It enables people to work together and assist each other when they don’t understand something. This type of tutoring can assist preparation for the real world.

Working together in a team environment is something that will occur within a workplace. This is a good opportunity to develop this skill. It also provides an opportunity for a social setting. People are able to engage and develop new friendships. 

Disadvantages of Group tutoring:

A disadvantage of this type of study is that people are usually at different levels of learning. This can be hard for the tutor to accommodate everyone’s individual needs. Another disadvantage is that it can be a distraction if people try and take over the environment.

This can cause less productivity. If someone displays a negative attitude during the tutoring this can affect the ability of everyone in the group. This can cause people to lose motivation and this can reduce the effectiveness of the group tutoring. 

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