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Best free plagiarism checker for University students

Academic Integrity is something every student has heard, but something students may also struggle with. With the excess of information online, whether you paraphrase or quote, keeping your references in line can be difficult. Similarly, the constant intake of information or tense timeline can cause inaccurate or non-existent references, leading to a failed mark. Each student should check the integrity of their information every time they reference a source and every time they revise or edit their project. Luckily, students don’t have to do this all on their own.

A quick search on google reveals many resources students can use to check their integrity. Here at the top 4 free plagiarism checkers for university students; 

Best free plagiarism checker for University students

Duplichecker is a very useful resource and one of the top searches on Google. It has a very simple interface, with the option to paste your work or upload a document. Duplichecker also has a grammar checker function and other options which may be useful for students. Free to use, with a simple interface and accurate software, every student should use Duplichecker to achieve academic integrity.

Once you have prepared your assignment or report, you should throw your content into it and click on the search button to show the results. If pasted paragraph or content will have any duplication, it will be shown in bold characters and you will get a better idea which sentences are copied.

Quetext is an excellent program with the simplest interface and the best results. Self-dubbed #1 plagiarism checker for students, Quetext gets down to what matters: academic integrity. Also provided are blog posts having discussions about referencing, plagiarism and why it matters.

EduBirdie is another great resource for students. Their free plagiarism detector works quickly and effectively to identify passages which need citation. With an upload option, EduBirdie can check any kind of passage. In fact, in EduBirdie’s software, there is an option to specify the type of assignment you’re producing, whether it be a short story, essay or some other format, ensuring accurate and relevant feedback is given.

Grammarly is a well-known editing resource but it also has a plagiarism checker which students can use. It identifies passages of plagiarism. Though, without a prescription, it cannot identify specific passages. If you have a prescription, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is a step above the rest. However, the price and limited function without means it must be used in tandem with another software program.

For more free plagiarism checker for University students, you can also check out the page below.



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