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What to Know About Private Schools in the USA

From before the time your child was born you have already begun considering where your child will receive their education. Understanding that education is far more than just filling your child’s head with random facts and figures, you will want to fully understand the options available to you.   

It is important that the school you choose for your child is able to communicate with them on their level. It will need to move at a pace that follows how your child reacts to their learning environment in an effort to best walk them through their learning experience.   

Most importantly it is important that your choice of school adheres to the highest standards to instill the values that will define your child’s future. Because there are many differences between private school and public school how do you make a decision between the two?   

Here are some points to consider: 

Classroom size — in a public school, classrooms are often filled to maximum capacity and the ratio of students to teachers allows little chance of personalised attention of any actual value. While this may not be a problem for all parents and students, it does seem to add a weight of distress on some and many students will have to develop strategies to get any desired attention and this can be negative at some times.    

If a child looks for attention by getting good grades, everything is fine. But there are those children that will begin to seek negative attention and this requires special attention. Children must receive a healthy share of positive affirmation in their formative years and this will allow them to thrive and function well in their future.   

In a private-school, take for example Fessenden school, there is a higher level of individual attention and this makes all the difference in the way students learn. Teachers will take the time to cater to kids in a more personal way.   

Higher Standard of Conduct — while there will always be a certain level of conflict in the school scene, in a private school there is greater importance placed on early conflict resolution, this encourages an atmosphere of respect for students and teachers alike. Uniforms are in place to remind everyone that they are all on the same level.   

Because there are not as many destructive influences surrounding your child during these years of character development, there will be less peer pressure on them. The values being taught in the classrooms are the same values that students, teachers and families have in common.   

In the long run, less conflict means less distractions. This will allow your child to focus on their education and enjoy being a kid.   

Success in Continuing Education — Because of smaller class sizes and personal attention, children who study at private schools provide better security when looking to enter college. Children who are educated in a private school have an average of 60 – 70 points higher on their SATs then kids who have been to public schools. They are also more likely to complete college.  

When a child feels well-supported in their educational environment and learns the joys of education through positive affirmations in the classrooms, they will be more likely to pursue higher education through and beyond college.   

Final Thoughts on Private Schools  

There may be many very decent and attractive public schools in the vicinity, but there are a few more questions you should consider. Will they enjoy a top-notch education in a public-school environment? Will they do better with a more personalised attention found in a smaller classroom? Will they develop a love of learning through positive affirmations? Will they have the desire to continue their education after high school and college?

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