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5 Reasons to Pass It and Earn the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification


Cloud computing services have seen a surge in usage among organisations and individuals. Still, there are many more firms that are just getting started in this sphere and are looking to moving their data centres to the cloud in the nearest time. And speaking of the most popular options, Microsoft Azure is now among the platforms that businesses have embraced in large numbers. AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Considering this, being certified in Azure is a huge advantage now for you as a professional. Fortunately, the path to getting accredited is not that hard. For example, passing just one exam AZ-104, you obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge. Moreover, the credential itself is not the only advantage you gain. Read on to know even more of them. Author: Ember P

Why You Need to Ace AZ-104

Azure administrators are key in keeping systems running and they have to be ready to respond to the business expectations of the day. They should possess an extensive set of skills, and one way to verify such competency is by excelling in the Microsoft Azure Administrator test coded AZ-104.And here are the most essential reasons to sit for it.

  • Azure knowledge to meet the high demand

As many companies jump into Microsoft Azure, more professionals in the field are required. In fact, today the demand for them is extremely high. By passing AZ-104 and earning your certification, you can join the group of these sought-after specialists. Having this badge, you validate your experience in operating with cloud technology as well as your skills in administering Azure services so that you can help organisations reap benefits from it. Bobby R

  • Competitive advantage

To excel in your accreditation path, it is important to gain specific knowledge. This is exactly what separates you from others who do not have the same skills as you and are not certified either. A badge gives you the advantage of being selected by recruiters from a group of applicants when filling job posts. Employers will know you are efficient because of the training that you have gone through before taking your AZ-104 exam. 

  • Better job and promotion opportunities

Microsoft Azure credentials are popular with hiring managers who care about organisations and their success. So, whether you wish to enhance your value or aim for a career change, acquiring one will make a great difference. It is also best if you think about growing your own business! ExamSnap AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design

  • Better earning capacity

A certification in Azure means better recognition as well. Currently, professionals in this sphere are among the leaders in terms of the salaries they draw. As per PayScale.com, about $65k is the pay for administrators who have Microsoft Azure skills. ExamSnap VCE

  • Pathway to more advanced badges

One more benefit professionals get when they opt for Microsoft’s certification path is the opportunity to continue improving their skills.Candidates obtain access to higher-level accreditations to better their chances of employment, career, and income after gaining the needed experience.


Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge is worthwhile. It is an investment that will attract huge perks that you will always benefit from. And as you continue to grow and expand your skills, you will enjoy your profession even more. So, it is time to enrol in AZ-104 test and prepare to get your certification! Link VCE

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