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How to support your HSC family member

How to support your HSC family member 

By Jessica Coates-Judson 

The HSC is a big year for students. It’s when the adult world starts to make itself known and pressures to succeed and make decisions are at the forefront of every conversation. 

If you’re a parent, guardian or relative, supporting your HSC family member is crucial. Below are some suggestions on how you can make the journey a little easier on your loved one.

Don’t downplay it 

The last thing a HSC student wants to hear is how insignificant this time will be in ten years. No matter how much truth there may or may not be to this, it shifts focus away from the tasks that need to be completed. 

Regular and open communication

Checking in without nagging is key. Are assessments being completed? Is there anything your child is struggling with. Ask what topic they enjoy and which ones they dislike. Make sure you are both on the same page in terms of expectations and their plans for the future. 

Promote healthy living and wellness

Getting out for exercise and physical activity should be encouraged as well as food choices that support a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. Even though it’s a busy time, a commitment to this has flow on effects for concentration and energy when studying. 

Consider tutoring 

Communicate regularly with teachers and support staff as well as your child. Identifying additional needs early can save a lot of anxiety and stress down the track. 

Implement a time management plan

This doesn’t have to be about rules but more an understanding of expectations. Negotiate schedules for part time work and socialising. 

Create an inviting study space 

A comfortable and organised work station is vital. Clear away distractions such as the television and unnecessary devices leaving study material and equipment only. 

Make it a household accomplishment

Supporting your HSC family member includes knowing what’s on their schedule, cutting some slack on chores when deadlines are looming and being a cheerleader by celebrating the wins along the way. 

Plan a post exam celebration 

Completing the HSC is a big deal and recognising the hard work that your entire family have put in for the year is a special and rewarding occasion! 

As you can see, supporting your HSC family member is all about planning, empathy and communication. And remember, it will all be over by December! 

Jessica Coates-Judson is a qualified business trainer and adult educator. She has worked extensively with young learners transitioning from study to the workforce and has a passion for education. 



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