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Just like everyone has their own learning style, everyone also has their own way of studying. Some like a little commotion or high level noise around them, others study most effectively when listening to music, and others need complete silence to meet their revision goals. If this latter option is you, this blog might provide some good insight into the best, quiet places to study. 

Best place to study if you need total silence

If you need total silence, your university‘s library will surely have a section that is reserved for silent study. There are usually solaced desks set up for individual study. This distraction-free arrangement can put you in the zone to study at peak performance. 

Best place to study if you prefer somewhere quiet but with tiny bit of background noise

It is possible that those who do like the quiet, also need a tiny bit of background noise to break up the silence. This can be achieved in your silent study space by listening to light, calm music through headphones at a low volume. Otherwise, your university will have a semi-quiet study space where you can set yourself up. You could also consider reserving a small group study room with a few study-dedicated friends to create slight background noise/chatter. 

Alternatively, a quiet cafe known for its tranquil study environment may be an option when away from university. This one is a favourite of mine as caffeine helps me to get into study mode! Not to mention, a smashed avo toast topped with feta cheese! Mmm! 

If you are more the home body type, then setting up a quiet space at home is going to be essential. Put the items that you tend to procrastinate with aside and fill your space with items that instil tranquillity and quiet. I like a nicely fragranced candle burning on the desk, a door to close off from the rest of the house, and an ergonomically correct desk set up so my neck doesn’t flare up. 

Most important is that you try a few different settings to see what suits you best. You’ll know by your rate of productivity – the more productive you are, the more suitable your study set up is. Happy studying!!! 

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