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Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

The age old question, what do teachers want as gifts? Teacher’s are a crucial element for a student’s successful future, a token of appreciation is a wonderful way of saying thank you. They deserve to be rewarded for spending every weekday with their students, going above and beyond their job description. We will talk about some of the unique teacher gift ideas in this article.

Ever since the 1700’s, poor families living in Sweden and Denmark have gifted teacher’s with baskets of apples as a token of appreciation for providing a quality education. Fast forward 300+ years, why not reward them with an apple iphone. Just, joking! (unless you want to) A cheap, affordable and stylish gift could be a keychain in the shape of an apple engraved with their initials, a pencil case engraved with their initials or even a carved apple engraved with their initials. Did you realise the recurring theme? Personalise!

What are some unique teacher gift ideas

Teacher’s want to be rewarded for their difficult jobs for looking after whiny children day after day. They don’t want a box of Cadbury chocolates or a bottle of ALDI wine. They want something memorable, after all don’t you want to be the teacher’s pet? They adore homemade gifts from the heart, from baked brownie goods to a personalised portrait painting of your teacher (or you). Some teachers also believe that letters thanking them for the difference they’ve made in a student’s life is greatly rewarding to read. To open up a letter, filled with words of adoration, that dance around their mind is an inexpensive reward.

A smart, revolutionary gift would be gifting stationery! Why, you may ask? Because, it will most likely go back into your classroom, supplies for you and your classmates. This reward is beneficial for everyone, as teacher’s take money out of their own pocket to provide for you. This way, you would be saving the teacher money, AND you can choose the fun, quirky classroom equipment you want to use daily.

Teacher Day is on May the 5th, so mark it in your calendar, and don’t forget!

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