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Best place to sell second hand books

In today’ world, where everything is becoming digitalised, it seems that the best place, or more simply put, the best platform to sell second-hand books is on either Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. 

Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are recently created online platforms on which many people sell a significant range of things, and they do not have to possess a licence to sell! As the platforms are easy to use, they are very popular.

On the first online platform, also known as Ebay, you can choose to sell a second-hand book/s to people both domestically and internationally. This means that the book will be advertised to people from many different countries, including around the country that one is in, but of course, shipping will have to be paid for. Unless of course, they are located nearby and both parties (seller and buyer) are willing to meet up to exchange goods. Evidence suggests that Ebay is a great place to sell second-hand books.

Facebook Marketplace, similar to Ebay, also can reach an international audience. Facebook Marketplace, however, is more often used for locally sold goods. For example, someone can post an advertisement showing an item they intend to sell and someone wanting to buy that item can negotiate the price of that item. They can exchange details and arrange a time that they can meet up to swap the item/s and money. When wanting to purchase internationally, however, like Ebay, the buyer must pay shipping costs, on top of the cost of an item. Research shows that Facebook Marketplace is another online platform that can be used when wanting to sell a second-hand book.

For these reasons, it seems that the two best places to sell a second-hand book/s are Facebook Marketplace and Ebay, due to the presented ability to advertise products both domestically and internationally. 

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