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10 Bucket List Things To Do Before You Graduate

The Perks Of Being A Uni Student

The best part about being a student living out of home is freedom. The freedom to explore new places, try new things, meet new people, and make unforgettable memories. The world is your oyster and you have so many things to see and do before you graduate!

Some uni students are spontaneous and take each day as it comes. Others like to plan ahead, seek out opportunities and prepare for an adventure. But there’s always a reason to have a bucket list whilst studying – these are some of the best times of your life!

You Can Have Your Best Student Experience, Everyday!

As a university student, you will spend plenty of time studying, but that in no way means that you should shy away from experiencing life! Study, yes, but also, play! Being a uni student opens the doors to many new and exciting experiences. Take the opportunity to travel on your semester breaks, allow yourself to try new foods, and to step out of your comfort zone.

You Can Work On Boosting Your Future Career  

While you’re living it up as a doe-eyed undergraduate or a knowledgeable postgraduate, you are able to continuously work towards boosting your career! You can network, undertake a placement or internship, build your portfolio, and volunteer. 

However, remember to not get too bogged down by the stress of being a student. Times will come around where you may be knee-deep in assignments and exam prep, but try to allow yourself to have an enjoyable personal life. This is such an incredibly fun period of your life before joining the workforce, so find a balance that works for you.

Make your student bucket list:

You may be thinking that you have made many to-do-lists or bucket lists before and tend to forget about them quite easily. One way to make sure that your new bucket list is something that you will adhere to throughout your years at university is by creating a bucket list journal! 

Before commencing orientation, go and purchase a blank journal. You can allocate pages to each bucket list item, allowing space for experience summaries, reviews, memories, and photos of when you complete each item on the list.

By the time that your university life comes to an end, and graduation is nearing, you will have a journal full of memories and bucket list achievements that spread across your time at uni. From freshman orientation, all the way through to your last exam!

Our Top 10 Things To Add To Your Student Bucket List

So, are you stumped for bucket list ideas? Here are our top 10 student must do’s that you’ll definitely want to add to your bucket list:

  1. Study Abroad: This may seem like a daunting one, but trust us, you won’t be disappointed! Studying abroad allows you to experience student life in a completely new environment. Think about where you would like to go. Somewhere warm and busy? Or maybe a small and wintery town? Wherever you choose, you will make memories and friends for life!

It is important to be open-minded when on student exchange because you don’t want to return home with any feelings of regret!

2. Volunteer: This is the simplest and most effective way to gain experience and see what you’re made of! You can apply for a volunteer position in a range of different industries and organisations, leaving you with plenty of options! Volunteering allows you to develop skills that you might not get a chance to within the walls of a classroom. Also, it’s an incentive that will enhance your resume to no end. 

3. Complete an Internship: We cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to complete an internship while in university. Being exposed to the real working-world of your chosen industry will prepare you to face the workforce once you graduate.

 It is an opportunity to gain experience and develop your professional skills, making you the ideal candidate when you apply for your first full-time job. Plus, you might be able to score some course credit upon completion!

4. Attend a Career Expo for Networking: These events are very beneficial. Whether it’s alumni or industry experts, career expos are a great way to meet people in your chosen field. By networking with such people, you can create opportunities for yourself, like an internship, volunteer position, or perhaps a mentor!

5. Join and be an Active Member of a Uni Society or Club: Some students have reservations towards joining university clubs and avoid orientation clubs and societies fair at all costs. But fear not, uni societies don’t exist to create an extra load of commitment and responsibility for you to worry about. They are a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people who share similar interests to you. 

6. Explore Your Surroundings: This is not all that related to the academic side of uni but is definitely worth your attention. Studying in Australia means that you have the joy of exploring the unique cities and small towns all around the country. Make use of your semester breaks, load your backpack and take a road trip with your uni mates, experiencing the stunning beaches, beautiful wildlife, and laid back lifestyle of Australia.

7. Attend a University Ball: Your hard work and commitment should be rewarded from time to time, so why not attend your university’s annual ball? It’s a chance to get dressed up, make some memories and dance all night with your peers. You will also be able to meet students in your course that you might not yet have a class with, and students who have nearly completed their course and have some words of wisdom for you.

8. Upskill Outside of Your Course: Maybe you want to develop your existing skills or maybe you have always wanted to try your hand at coding or fine art? Check your university’s website or course catalogue to see if they offer any short courses, or complete one online. 

If you can’t find any options at your uni that tickle your fancy, then look elsewhere! There might be a local studio or school that offers just what you’re looking for.

9. Get a Part-time Job: When is employment not advantageous? By getting a part-time or casual job, you can earn an income while you study, and be able to afford the lifestyle of a new uni student. It’s also a great way to explore a new area, make friends or get to know your uni neighbourhood.

10.  Live with Friends: Whether you move into student accommodation with your friends from home, or you’re renting a private property with new friends you met in your first year, living with your mate is an unmissable opportunity. Once you have some close buddies that you’re comfortable with and get along really well, why not ask them to live with you?

Living with friends is something that you’re likely to only experience in your younger years, before big commitments and family responsibilities have a heavy presence in your life. Just think about all the antics you’ll get up to!

You are now fully prepared to begin your uni-life! You’re equipped with things that will make your next few years at university enjoyable and unforgettable. This bucket list will help you to create special moments that you will cherish and appreciate for years to come. Then, before you know it, you will graduate feeling satisfied as you have made the most of your time at uni.

Also, remember that you don’t need to stop at 10! Make your student bucket list as long as you like, because there aren’t limits when it comes to goals, dreams, and ambition!

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