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It is difficult to imagine today’s educational process without the use of any teaching and learning resources, this also applies to private tutoring. A good tutor should have teaching experience, qualification and make use of various teaching materials.

What are the purpose and role of teaching resources?

First of all, teaching resources and materials are there to make the educational process more interesting, and attractive. It also encourage active learning which means students are actually enjoying their lessons and want to learn more.

What makes good teaching materials?

Teaching resources with dynamic and attractive, multimedia visual material can be more effective and can easily draw students’ attention. Rather than passively consuming, tutor can make learning more active by giving students some tasks to complete while engaging with some form of multimedia content.

The more materials a tutor has, the wider range of activities they can offer to their students.

Where to find good teaching resources?

There are many websites you can find free or affordable teaching resources. You can try some of the sites below.



Scholastic For Teachers



Discovery Education

Education World


Open Educational Resources

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