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Special gift ideas for teachers

The end of the school year is awaiting, the breeze of fantastic summer vacation is in the air and it is time to say goodbye. Wishing farewell not only to your beloved colleagues but also to your teachers. 

Whether your professor is retiring, you want to get your scholar a Christmas present or you’re just leaving school, a personal present for your teacher is a nice and simple way to say thank you. 

But often it can be hard to find a suitable gift for someone in a higher position who you admire and respect. 

If your whole class gathers together to give your teacher something personal to say goodbye or Happy Birthday, half of the problem is already solved. But don’t worry, we got some nice gift ideas your teacher will love for sure:

  1. Creative Photo Album

Especially at the end of the school year, it is nice to look back on the many unforgettable and beautiful moments during class. And yes, even though it was super boring or stressful sometimes, there is still so much good to remember. A photo album can be very creative and personal. Each of your class members can create one page with individual stories and pictures.

But what if I only have already printed pictures I would like to keep for myself?

There are a lot of photo scanning services in Perth that will do the work for you at a reasonable price. This way you can keep your photo and still have a high-quality copy to use. Super easy, right? This way your professor will have something memorable to look back at.

  1. DIY Food Basket

All you need for this gift is a basket and food. This easy-to-make present is not only delicious but can also be a nice group project. Every student can choose something that finds its way into the food basket: self-made jam, cookies, sauces, chocolate or even a bottle of good wine. Be creative and prepare something in your own kitchen. Finish this present with some decoration or flowers to make it look nice. Your teacher will surely be very happy about all the delicious goods you gathered together.

  1. Green, Greener, Plants

Maybe your teacher is a big home plant fanatic and would love a green present. You could think about a nice lemon tree, an Orchidee or even a basket full of herbal plants for cooking. And even though this might be a little bit pricier than other gifts, it can be an affordable idea for students on a budget if everyone chugs in some money. You can also add some hangers into the plant with pictures of every student. But instead of using personal photos to crop out your face, look up some good photo digitizing services that can help you with this craft and you’ll have your present ready within a day or two.

  1. Personal letters

For younger classes, it can be a nice idea to create personal letters to teachers. Handcrafted cards with individually written texts, memories or acknowledgements from every student. It is a good idea to use coloured fingerprints of each classmate to make it even more special. The collection of letters can be put into a nicely decorated box and be given to your teacher at the end of the year. This way it will be a nice memory to look back on. 

  1. Gift coupons

This is probably the most traditional present you can think about, but It is also a very thoughtful one for your teacher. Gift coupons are always a nice idea to prepare as a little surprise. Whether it is for the cinema, a nice restaurant or this shop your teacher cannot stop talking about. It pays regard to your tutors’ interests, is personal and definitely useful in the future. Add a little flower bouquet to make this gift even more delightful. 

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