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Keeping Your Campus COVID Safe

The campus community is a unique environment. It has the ability to house thousands of people with different backgrounds and experiences in one area. Unfortunately, this can also create issues when it comes to safety from Covid-19 on campus. 

To keep your campus covid-19 safe, there are a few things that you can do to stay prepared, including:

  1. Continuously promote social distancing
  2. Wear a mask on campus
  3. Stay home if you’re feeling sick

Staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic can be difficult in a campus setting, but there are various things you can do to help. This post will cover three safety precautions to take to ensure that you are covid-19 safe when on campus. 

1. Practice Social Distancing at all Times

It is vital that you always practice social distancing when on campus at all times. This means avoiding crowded spaces, making sure number limits are adhered to in classrooms, and just getting the message out to all the students. 

Social distancing is a great way to practice covid-19 safety when on campus and is a helpful tool for decreasing the chance of contracting or spreading covid-19. Keep antibacterial gel next to any frequently used shared spaces (like workstations) so people don’t infect each other without realising it by touching their eyes or nose.

2. Wear a Mask on Campus

Another important step that you can take to keep your community safe from covid – 19 is wearing a face mask while walking about campus. This will help protect yourself against any particles, droplets, or other forms of contamination that may come into contact with your mouth.

Wear a mask while attending classes or other activities if possible to ensure minimal exposure during your time on campus. It should be worn whenever outside or around anyone diagnosed with covid-19 symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or vomiting without correctly covering their mouth/nose. Wearing a mask will ensure protection from any contamination.

The easiest way to start practicing this form of covid – 19 safety strategy is by finding high-quality face masks at an affordable price, so you have no excuse not to be protected! Canberra Diamond Blade is an Australian online company that offers high-quality N95 face masks, reusable cloth masks, and more. 

3. Stay Home If You’re Feeling Sick

Designing a plan to keep your campus safe from covid-19 is a crucial step in ensuring campus safety. So take action now and stay protected with face masks that are high quality at an affordable price.

One of the best things you can do to keep your campus covid safe is to stay home if you’re not feeling well. It may seem obvious, but washing hands often enough that bacteria doesn’t have time to settle onto surfaces like keyboards will help keep everyone safe at school

Keeping your campus covid safe is very important so take action now with reliable defense sources against viruses before they spread! Antiviral wipes are great for desks, door handles, shared equipment like photocopiers, and keyboards. 

Unwell individuals should be tested for covid and follow any applicable quarantine specifications. Refer to the NSW Government site for more details!


To keep your campus covid-19 safe, there are a few things you can do. Practice Social Distancing at all times and wear masks on the college grounds if you feel comfortable. If not, stay home until symptoms disappear or to prevent contagion from happening in the first place.

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