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Latest Tutoring Trends in 2022

After reviewing the tutoring data, Tutors Field has identified some of the top tutoring trends in 2022. We hope this data can help our tutors to offer a better service, to students we would like them to be able to get more from their tutoring sessions.

  • Parents are looking for music teachers for their kids to introduce music and music theory at an early age.
  • More tutors are offering tutoring sessions online because of the COVID situation. Some students or parents are still prefer face to face tutoring, however students at younger age would prefer online tutoring if they have not been vaccinated yet.
  • Local library is still a popular place for face to face tutoring.
  • Zoom is the most popular platform tutors and students use when it comes to online tutoring, followed by Skype.
  • Some students are tactile learners and they struggle with online learning, hence they could fall behind during lockdown and needs assistance.
  • Tutors who provide students with extra materials and resources would receive more bookings than those who don’t.
  • Most students prefer 1 to 1 tutoring.
  • Tutors who have a professional profile photo are receiving more clicks and bookings than those who don’t.
  • COVID has pushed out school entry exams, tutors need to provide on-going support and practice exams to keep their students’ test ready.

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Sim K


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