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How can I save more and spend less as a student?

Think of student life the idea of struggling financially will often come to mind. While students need to consider how they fund the big costs such as the tuition fees and rent, they also need to consider other costs like travel or eating out. Although managing your finance can be one of the trickiest things when it comes to surviving student life, there are in fact many ways students can save as much money as possible while still getting the most out of their student life.

Look for student discounts

Student discount is a big part of student budget living in Australia. If you are shopping online, make sure you make use of the student discount/ promo code which you can find on websites like My Uni Days or Student Edge. If you are buying in store, you can check if they have student discounts. Sometimes your student card is usually enough to ask for a reduced price in your local shops or cafes.

Another way you can find discounts is by joining your favourite brands’ email subscription list. After joining their subscription list you will receive their exclusive offers. Before you purchase online, always check your email “promotion” tab and search for the brand you are going to purchase to see if they have sent you any deals or promo codes.

Free shipping

Do you know many brands offer free shipping if you order more than a certain amount? Students can save the shipping cost by ordering more items they need at once instead of making them separate transactions. After buying things online, make sure you check your mailbox regularly. If they deliver the parcel when you are not at home, they will leave a delivery card in your mail box. If you don’t pick up the parcel within a certain timeframe, they may send the parcel back to the retailer. Most of the brands use Australia Post, you can find the Australia Post opening hours near you for delivery or pickup information.

Eating out

Eating out every other night can put a bit of strain on your finances. Cooking your own meal can save you money. If you think cooking is too much work, you can try services like Hello Fresh which is a great way to reduce the burden of meal planning and grocery shopping. If you feel like eating fast food tonight, make sure you download their apps and look for discounts. Apps like MyMacca’s keeps running exciting deals and you can use it every day, you can get a small double beef and bacon meal for just $5.95.

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