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Why is Parent Involvement Important in Education?

Parent Involvement In Education, Parental Involvement In Education, and Parent Involved Learning are terms that have been used to describe the role of parents in their children’s education.

It can be argued that this role has always existed. Still, it was not until the late 19th century that there was a realization that parental influence on educational outcomes could be significant.

Here are 19 Reasons Why Parent’s Involvement in Education is Important

1. Parents are the first teachers of their child

Parents play an important part in educating their children from the very beginning. They teach them basic skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

They also help with homework and encourage learning outside school hours. This means that parents are the first teachers of their children.

2. Parents provide continuity for schools

Children who move between primary and secondary schools often experience disruption to their schooling. The parents of these children will usually know more about what happens at their new school than the teacher.

As a result, they can act as a link between the two schools helping to keep things running smoothly.

3. Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life

Parents influence an estimated 80% of the decisions a child makes.

For example, if a child wants to go out after school, then it is likely that their parents will say yes. If the child wants to stay home, they will likely get parental permission.

4. Parents are the best advocates for their children

They know their children better than anyone else and therefore are in the best position to advocate for their needs.

For example, if you want your child to do well at school, you should talk to the teacher about how your child learns best. You may find that the teacher does not understand your child’s learning style, so you need to explain this to them.

5. Parents are the ones who make sure that their children learn to read properly

If a child cannot read properly will struggle to become literate. Therefore, parents must ensure that their children start with good reading skills—one simple but effective way of getting the best reading program for kids.

6. Parents are the best listeners

Listening is a skill that should be developed throughout childhood. Listening is especially important in relationships where two people need to talk.

7. Parents are the most reliable source of information

If a child asks their parents a question about anything, the answer will likely come straight back. This is because parents are the only ones who know their children from the core.

8. Parents are the best judges of character

As parents, we spend time with our children every day.

We watch them interact with other people and observe their behavior. As a result, we understand their personality traits and attitudes.

9. Parents are the best teachers of discipline

Discipline is one of the key aspects of parenting. Children who behave badly are much less likely to succeed at school and later in life.

Therefore, parents must instill good behavioral habits in their children from a young age.

10. Parents are the best role models

Children look up to their parents for guidance and advice. If a child sees their parents doing something positive, they will follow suit.

11. Parents are the best friends of their children

Parents have been there through thick and thin. They know exactly what makes their children tick and can help them overcome any problems they might be having.

12. Parents are the best supporters of their children

Parents are the first people they turn to when a child has a problem. Parents can offer support when needed and encourage when required.

13. Parents are the best protectors of their children

A child’s safety is paramount. It is always advisable to take precautions when walking alone near busy roads or dark alleyways.

Parents can teach their children to avoid risky situations by taking extra care when on their own.

14. Parents are the best providers of comfort

Parents will always be there to provide comfort and reassurance, no matter what kind of situation a child finds themself in.

15. Parents are the best advocates of justice

All parties involved in a dispute must be treated fairly. Parents can help resolve disputes between siblings and even between adults and children.

16. Parents are the best coaches

Coaching is another term used to describe helping someone improve their performance. Parents are often the best person to coach their children as they already know them very well.

17. Parents are the best critics

Criticism is part of everyday life. However, many people fail to realize that criticism can also be constructive.

Parents can help them grow and improve by offering others constructive criticism.

18. Parents are the best motivators

Motivation is essential if you want to achieve success in life. Parents can motivate their children by setting goals and providing rewards for achieving those goals.

Children love being around their parents. They will feel the same way when they see their parents happy and excited about something. This leads to increased motivation levels and improved grades.

19. Parents are the best encouragers

Encouragement is a powerful tool that can encourage anyone to reach their full potential. Parents can encourage their children to do better at school by praising them for their efforts.

Conclusion – The Importance Of Parent Involvement In Education

As we have seen above, parents play an extremely important role in the lives of children. This is why it is so important that parents get involved with their children’s schooling.

When parents actively engage in their children’s learning process, they can ensure that their children receive the best possible education.

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