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How much does tutoring cost (2023)

If you’re considering investing in a private tutor to support your child’s education, you may want to find out how much is it going to cost you.

According to our data:

  • Tutor with a bachelor degree – $35 – 50 per session (depending on academic achievement and tutoring experience)
  • Tutor with a Ph. D. degree – $50 – 80+
  • Tutor with additional qualification (such as Qualified and Registered School teacher, NLP Practitioner, etc) – $70 – 80+
  • Tutor with less experience/ under grad – $20 – 30

Although things listed below would also affect your tutoring fee:

  • Travel time and cost (if tutor needs to travel to your place)
  • Additional supports (do you need extra supports and revisions)

Common reasons why people hire a tutor

  • Keep up with the speed that teachers teach at school 
  • Having trouble even working out where to start
  • Need supports in certain subject such as Math
  • Preparing for exams such as Gamsat

What to look for and finding a tutor

  • Patient, nice and encouraging
  • Consistent help and guidance 
  • Ability to explain difficult concepts and make it easy for students to understand
  • Develop a sound approach to exam style questions
  •  Caring and compassionate
  • Regular updates of student’s progress
  • Builds the confident 
  • Help students to regain positivity

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Sim K


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