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Should You Study During School Holidays?

One of the questions we hear a lot from students is that should they study during the school holidays? Before we get to the answer we need to first look at both pros and cons of studying during the school break.

Should you study during school holidays?

Should you study during school holidays? Well, the answer is yes and no. It is important to find balance between study time and giving your brain the break so that you can recharge.

Benefits of studying during school holidays

Studying during school break helps to ensure that students don’t lose any of their learning over the break. To make sure they don’t fall behind, it is important for them to keep their brain active during the holidays. They should also spend some time during the holidays to plan for the upcoming semester.

How you should plan your school holidays?

The best way to plan your school holidays is to schedule some fun school holiday activities in between your designated study blocks. This will help to shorten your study session and keep your motivation up at the same time.

Why balancing study time and play time is important?

Balancing study time and play time is important as it helps to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and suggests taking responsibility for your own learning during breaks. Many students spend too much time to do test prep or catch up on classes, which can be overwhelming. Taking time off and getting away from the pressure of school work is beneficial.

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