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What is the best way to prepare for PTE?

PTE Academic is a very important exam for those looking to migrate to an English-speaking country like Australia. The Australian Immigration uses the exam score as a key part of their points-based immigration system. The exam has quickly become almost as popular as the much older and established IELTS.

PTE is a computer-based test. The exam is conducted on a computer and the scores are calculated automatically by a computer program. In the recent years a number of online websites have come up to offer specialized PTE preparation courses, in addition to the vast number of free materials available on YouTube and elsewhere on the net. No doubt! The students often end up confused and waste a lot of time before finding the right approach and the right study materials.

In our view, PTE prep does not have to be so difficult. Let us explain the best way to prepare for PTE, in five easy steps:

How you can prepare for your PTE

  1. Understand the exam: The biggest mistake people make is to jump right into the exam questions! Take smaller steps first. You must understand the basics of PTE Academic, the various question types, the exam format, and so on. Only then can you look to tackle the PTE. You can start with a PTE website like this: https://ptemocktests.com
  1. Join an online course: We are big time supports of online learning! Learning online saves time, gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, to decide how much time to spend on a topic, and save considerable money in the process. Many people start their preparation with free videos on YouTube. In no time they end up confused, or even worst feel they are ready for the exam, when they aren’t! What is more important to you? Save a few dollars or achieve your target score quickly?
  1. Make a follow a plan: You must be very clear about your desired objective. Getting a score of 52 is very different from getting a score of 79 in PTE. The time, the effort, and areas to focus on will all be different. You must be realistic as well. If your English is currently at the 52 level, it will take you months before you can even think of a 79 score. Develop a plan and make use of any free time that you have. This is another reason why we recommend online courses!
  1. Learn the basic structure requirements of PTE questions: Most PTE question types have specific requirements. For e.g., your essays must be within a certain word limit, and they must be of an academic format. Do not think that writing 500 words will get you a high score in essay writing. On the contrary it will get you 0, even if each word is worth its weight in gold! Many people who are very confident of their basic English skills ignore these finer points and are then shocked by their results.
  1. Do not practice without proper review: This is an exam of English language, not mathematics. Do not think that you will score more if you practice 1000 questions than just 100 questions. It is much better to be focused on a small number of carefully selected study materials! If you spend 1 hour on practice, you must spend at least 30 minutes on reviewing your responses. You will learn only when you review. Compare your written responses with the sample responses. Compare your pronunciation with the sample spoken responses. Understand why your multiple-choice option is correct or not.

Cracking PTE Academic and getting a high score is not beyond your reach! Follow the steps outlined by us and you will be on your way in no time.

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Sim K


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