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Why do I procrastinate while studying? And how to stop procrastinating

Have we ever noticed a terrifying thing? The more time we have that we can control and make decisions about, the more likely we are to accomplish nothing.

After entering college, self-discipline and efficiency are far inferior to high school; holidays are spent in a daze, feeling more exhausted than work; not to mention how many people waste away while staying at home during the holidays.

We all dislike the routine of going to school and work, but ironically, the efficiency of completing tasks is highest during those times. We don’t even have time to hesitate, procrastinate, or overthink. As long as we sit down at the desk, we can get into the zone in an instant.

We clearly had a bunch of plans and ideas, but when we actually had the time, we couldn’t accomplish anything, and the day just went by. Later, we suddenly realised: thinking, making decisions, and weighing pros and cons are very energy-consuming tasks. If we want to get rid of procrastination and internal conflicts and become more productive, we need to reduce the time spent on decision-making.

How do I stop procrastinating while studying?

A simple method is to create a very clear plan, just like at work, instead of vague ideas. This clarity should include:

  • Start time
  • Duration of the task
  • Location of the task

For example, if we plan to read a book, don’t just think, “We’ll read this book tomorrow.” Be specific with the details:

  • Start time: 8:30
  • Read for an hour/read 10 pages (usually we need breaks after reading for this long)
  • Read at the desk (this way we can take notes and concentrate better)

Afterwards, let’s visualize this plan in our minds, like imagining ourselves tomorrow morning, having breakfast, and reading and taking notes at the desk.

We’ll find that after making plans like this, our ability to execute tasks will improve several times over, and our tasks will be completed as expected.

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Sim K


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