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What do you need to be a disability support worker?

Since the last time we wrote about the Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) course, many people have become interested in this industry. So, we’d like to share a checklist of the certificates and documents you need to work in this field:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability): This is the entry-level certificate for this industry, and it’s generally required in Perth. However, some small towns may allow people to work without it.
  • National Police Check: Also known as a police clearance certificate, this is a criminal background check. If you’re in Western Australia, we recommend using a local police check, especially if you have a WA driver’s license. You can apply online and receive the electronic version in 1-2 weeks. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can apply for it at a post office. You can also apply for the National Police Check online.
  • First Aid & CPR: You need to update your first aid certificate every three years and your CPR certification annually. These two certificates can often be obtained together through face-to-face training, which can take half a day to a full day.
  • Manual Handling: This training teaches you how to use various devices to assist clients with mobility issues and the precautions to take, such as car transfers and hoists. It needs to be updated annually.
  • NDIS Check: I have shared detailed information about this in another post. This is essential for jobs related to disability support, and you cannot start without it. It’s valid for five years.
  • Driver’s License: Some companies may require you to have an Australian driver’s license.
  • Car Insurance: If you have a car, it must be insured, and it should be comprehensive insurance since you’ll be using it to transport clients. You’ll typically be reimbursed by the client based on kilometres driven.
  • Medication Competency: Many disabled clients require 24-hour assistance, including help with medication. This certificate allows you to assist clients with their medications. Some companies provide training after you’re hired, and it can be completed in a day. It needs to be updated annually.
  • Working with Children Check: If your job involves working with children in Australia, you’ll need this check. You can apply for it at the post office, and most companies allow you to apply after you’re hired. It’s valid for three years.
  • NDIS Worker Orientation Module: You can complete this online on the NDIS website to get a basic understanding of the NDIS system. It’s free.
  • Flu Vaccine: In Australia, the flu vaccine is available at places like Chemist Warehouse, and you should get it annually.
  • Infection Control Training & Covid-19 Vaccination: Both of these are required due to the pandemic, and they may be phased out as the situation improves.

Please note that these requirements can vary depending on the specific role and employer, so it’s essential to check with your potential employer for their specific requirements.

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