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What do the top students do? And what you can learn from them?

Becoming a top student is not as difficult as you might imagine. As an average person with normal intelligence, I have my moments of procrastination, experience anxiety, and enjoy binge-watching TV shows, but it hasn’t stopped me from being a top student in class. Today, I’ll share my fundamental study mindsets that everyone can adopt.

Forward Thinking and Always Stay Ahead 

From elementary school to high school, I always maintained the habit of previewing upcoming lessons. During summer and winter breaks, I self-studied the knowledge from the next semester’s textbooks. While others were starting the new term, I was already revising, consistently ranking in the top three. The feeling of learning while others were on vacation was quite satisfying. Even today, I secretly put in extra effort during short breaks.

Simplification, Less Is More 

I never overload myself with a jam-packed, counterproductive schedule. The secret to managing energy is to do one thing at a time. I highly value my own energy so I tend to avoid doing unimportant tasks whenever possible. Things like dishwashers and a robot vacuum have been a time-saver for me.

Growth Mindset and Embrace Challenges 

I believe that I can do anything as long as I learn. I never limit myself based on existing abilities. When faced with two choices, I always opt for the one with greater opportunities and challenges. Actively seek opportunities, and those tough challenges at work that others shy away from often become stepping stones for my growth. Let’s not overly protect ourselves; trying is worth it.

Framework Thinking

Whenever I learn something new, I create my own procedure. Whether it’s work, life, or study, most things can be broken down into core steps and organised as templates. Continuous iterations make every subsequent task faster. After you connect the dots, you’ll find there’s less and less to learn.

Learn from Teaching 

This is a common trait among many top students. It’s not hard to notice that, before exams, top students are likely surrounded by a group of peers. I never consider teaching others a waste of time. On one hand, it reinforces my understanding, and on the other hand, it often reveals new perspectives and helps fill gaps. I’ve also honed my ability to explain complex topics in simple terms.

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