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What is the best website to find an internship?

With the school holidays approaching, many students are not only preparing for final exams but also contemplating how to make the most of their break.

If you aim for a seamless transition to work after graduation, securing internships during your academic period is crucial. In Australia, many companies actively recruit interns, selecting talents from the pool of recent graduates. Today, let’s discuss how to find reliable internship opportunities in Australia.

SEEK Internships

As a well-known job platform in Australia, SEEK is the go-to site for many medium to large-sized companies. You can find internship opportunities by selecting the “Internship” category and specifying the city and your field of study.


ECA Internships

This Australian company specialises in internships and employment programs for international students. They offer internship programs for various universities, aiming to enhance students’ employability. Companies also recruit outstanding interns through this platform.


Australian Internships

A globally influential platform where students from various countries apply for internships. With a large number of applications, there are plenty of job opportunities available.



This platform has a dedicated section for internship applications, and many companies regularly come here to select suitable interns.


The Intern Group

Focused exclusively on internship recruitment, making it an excellent choice for students seeking internship opportunities.



Similar to SEEK, Linkedin is a preferred platform for many job seekers, although the competition is fierce.


Intern NZ OZ

Although based in New Zealand, this platform also offers internship opportunities in Australia.


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