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What is the role of technology in enhancing learning

At a time when digital technology has taken over everything, education has not been spared the convenience tech brings to learning. And as we move into the future, this adoption is only going to increase, giving us more opportunities to enhance our learning. 

And today we’ll be discussing a few benefits of this development and the top tools to leverage this change.

The Role of Technology in Education

Access to Information

As we all know the internet serves as a vast library of limitless information that is expanding every second. And the best part is that most of it is free and accessible to everyone. 

Also, beyond the traditional textbooks and programs, these digital portals expose you to a variety of perspectives, helping you connect information better and in general be more empathetic. Additionally, this information can shoot up the way you progress in your career.

Personalised Learning

Adding up to the first point, the information you choose to intake is usually going to be of your preference. And what this does is save you valuable time and effort by enabling you to choose only those information pieces that are relevant to your endeavours.

Also, this means that you move closer towards being a specialist in your field than being a jack of all trades. And this is helpful to you because a specialist can command better pay and more eyes in the market.

Interactive Learning

After the advent of smart classes a about decade ago, the development of smart ways to teach has seen new heights. And this method is here to stay since it has been found that young students learn better when the material is in a video format. 

So, the reason this happens is that the human brain prefers to make use of as many senses to learn as possible. More senses means more involvement and more involvement means better absorption.

Collaboration and Communication

Now an important one. So, the tech space today has the bandwidth to accommodate people from all over the world whether they live in student accommodation in Sydney or in their student housing in Melbourne, algorithms segregate them according to their interests. And when that translates to education, it fosters student collaboration.

This makes interactions with different cultures a harmonious one, something that is built on an understanding of different perspectives and the desire to connect with each other on an intellectual level.

Digital Literacy and 21st Century Skills

Okay, this is kind of a unique one. So, the thing with technology is that whenever a new one enters the market, so does the need, knowledge, and resources to take it to the next level. 

And with no shortage of resources and curious people, the need to stay updated with these developments also becomes an unignorable one. Cause technology has a nature to outgrow itself and digitally literate individuals do it so, especially young and curious students.

Top Tools and Apps to Enhance the Learning Experience

Okay, so curious students are plenty but are there enough tools and tech products to fuel them with excitement? Luckily there are plenty, but today we are going to talk about the most impactful ones


You see, the advent of Artificial Intelligence is something nobody of us can ignore. And at the forefront of this is a tool developed by OpenAI. With this tech, you can educate yourself on practically any subject. 

However, you must keep in mind that the data it’s going to give you is derived from the internet up until 2021 only. But despite that, the information is enough to educate you in any matter; at the level of an intermediary who is ready to become an expert.


Okay, with this platform, you’re gonna have access to a wide array of courses from renowned universities and institutions worldwide. Any discipline you might think of, they have world-class teachers for that. 

And the reason we chose edX over others is because their certifications seem to command the most respect in the marketplace. It’s an online learning platform every student must try if they are looking to conquer their Gmat Syllabus.


Now, if you’re a person who is required to learn a new language or even if you just want to learn a new language for your personal inclinations, this app the best software in palace that’s gonna help you do just that in the most engaging way. 

And as a student, learning a new language means opening up new opportunities for you, both socially and professionally. Also, since language learning is a difficult task for your brain, it trains your mental muscles to work better at all times.

Spotify Podcasts

Up next, we have a medium of learning that’s pretty new for everyone but has the most amount of hidden potential. And this is because when we hear two people speak, we can relate to the information better, grasp it faster, and retain it longer.

Additionally, podcasts can expose you to new dialects and vocab. Also, the best advantage of listening to podcasts is that you can do it while commuting or doing your chores, like cleaning up your uni essentials kit.


This one was a no-brainer solely for the amount of information that’s out there and the effort creators put into making the information easily absorbable for you with normal news videos, documentaries, movies, and critical videos.

In some cases, you can find inspiration in music videos or even vines, who knows? Whatever you’re looking for can be hidden in any of these, you just need to prioritise the type of videos you want to watch.


Okay coming to an end we can say that the integration of technology into education is only going to increase in the coming years and the list of five that we discussed today is going to be doubled in the coming years. So, the best bet for you would be to master the use of the tools mentioned above and look out for more technologies to master as we move into the future.

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