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Year 11 and Year 12 Guide to Choosing Subjects

Australian high schools are divided into Year 11 and Year 12.

In Year 11, students need to choose 5 foundational courses (although it’s possible to choose 6 if time permits and the student is capable). It is mandatory to choose Mathematics and English. Mathematics and English have different options. The other three courses can be chosen based on personal interests. However, it’s important to think carefully about what one really wants to study because courses not taken in Year 11 may not be available in Year 12.

When selecting Year 12 courses, pay attention to:

Carefully review the course requirements. Many courses have fixed prerequisites based on choices made in Year 11.

For example, if a student chooses Methods Mathematics in Year 11 without selecting Specialist Mathematics, they may not be able to choose Specialist Mathematics in Year 12.

Courses may change based on excellent academic performance. For instance, if a student did not choose Specialist Mathematics in Year 11 but wishes to do so in Year 12, and they have achieved excellent grades (an average of A in Methods Mathematics), demonstrated outstanding class performance, they can discuss with their teacher about their ability to handle the more challenging Specialist Mathematics. If everything is satisfactory, they can email the course selection teacher to apply for Specialist Mathematics!

However, if during Year 11 studies a student finds they might not keep up with the pace or face difficulties in the subject matter, with an average grade around C, teachers might consider moving them to more suitable subjects. For example, if they struggle with Methods Mathematics, they might be moved to General Mathematics in Year 12. So, students should also study diligently!

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