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10 Popular Study Habits Among Top Students

Many parents have been asking why their kids were top students in middle school but are struggling in high school, often unable to keep up with the pace of learning. We believe that the difference in intellectual ability between children is not that significant in general. Instead, it is more about the fact that the study methods and attitudes that worked in middle school are no longer sufficient for high school.

10 Popular Study Habits

  1. Prioritize Class Efficiency

    Top students may not always spend the most time studying, but they are incredibly focused during class. Their secret weapon is maximising class time to absorb information efficiently. Notes can be simplified as long as they understand them.
  2. Maintain a Relaxed Attitude

    Their emotions rarely fluctuate significantly. Whether they perform well or poorly, they handle it calmly. They seldom complain, “Why is this happening? What should I do?” While others might dwell on negative emotions, top students quickly move on and find solutions.
  3. Active Learning Habit

    Some students only learn exactly what the teacher teaches, without going beyond or thinking independently. They don’t summarize or internalise the knowledge. In contrast, top students quickly grasp the essence of knowledge, summarising and reflecting on it.
  4. Utilise Spare Time

    They don’t waste spare time. The time spent commuting to school, during breaks, or before and after meals can be used for listening practice, memorising words, or noting good phrases and sentences.
  5. Intense Study and Play

    When they study, they are highly focused and efficient. When they play, they play wholeheartedly and relax completely.
  6. Focused Goals

    They concentrate on one task at a time. They divide their time effectively, allocating specific times for different subjects, focusing entirely on the current task.
  7. Framework Thinking

    They use frameworks to clarify knowledge points. With many subjects and confusing knowledge points, they organise and understand them using structural thinking.
  8. Planned Assignment Difficulty

    They balance the difficulty of their assignments. They don’t always choose the easiest or the hardest tasks; moderate difficulty is best, with a small portion of time dedicated to challenging problems.
  9. Regular and Disciplined Routine

    Some top students are more efficient in the morning, while others prefer studying at night. Regardless, their routines and study times are regular and disciplined.
  10. Avoid Excessive Entertainment

    Occasional entertainment and relaxation are normal. However, top students usually detach quickly. For instance, while others might lose track of time on social media, top students stop when they decide to stop.

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