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AMEB exams

AMEB exams are based on syllabuses defined by the Federal Board in conjunction with the music and speech & drama community. AMEB provides syllabuses and graded examinations for a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, singing, speech and drama.

AMEB exams

Who is AMEB?

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) is a federated, privately funded corporation which provides a program of examinations for music, speech and drama in Australia. AMEB now has six state offices as well as the Federal Office in Melbourne.

General AMEB Exams Information and requirements

For all Practical examinations Grade 6 and above (except Piano for Leisure, Saxophone for Leisure and Singing for Leisure) there is an additional requirement to pass a specific grade in either Theory of Music, Musicianship or Music Craft.

The additional requirement does not need to be completed before the principal examination, but, until both the principal examination and the additional requirement are passed, the examination is incomplete, and no certificate will be awarded.

AMusA Practical examinations
Teachers and private entrants are advised to carefully read the objectives for the Associate examinations listed in the current AMEB Exams Syllabuses before entering for the examination. The Associate Diploma is highly respected in the international music community and recognises a sophistication of musical understanding and performance abilities that are well above the requirements for Grade 8.

The success rate for AMusA is much lower than for Grade examinations. To avoid disappointment, it is therefore suggested that teachers with limited experience in presenting candidates at Diploma level obtain advice from an experienced teacher before entering candidates for AMusA.

Source: http://ameb.unimelb.edu.au/examinations/

AMEB Exams Dates and Enrolment 2016
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Finding a Music Teachers 

To find a music teacher to help you with your AMEB exams, please enter the instrument and your suburb (then choose the suburb from the drop down menu).