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Australian Tutoring and Music Teacher Associations

Are you thinking to join any Australian tutoring and music teacher associations? We have put together some information for you before you make your decision!

Why should I join an Australian tutoring and/ or music teacher association?

Joining the tutoring and music teacher association as either a registered business, individual teacher or tutor may provide many benefits.

These benefits will be different depending on the association that you are going to join.

Benefits include access to teaching materials, industry trends, online promotion, exclusive financial benefits such as insurances, and the status of being affiliated with a reputable association.


Is it free to join?

In most cases, joining an Australian tutoring and/ or music teacher association is not free. They normally charge for a membership fee to become their member. The membership fee may be lower if you are an individual teacher or tutor.


What to do after joining an association?

1. Check if you can list you service/ profile on the association’s website

2. Print the certificate and show it to any potential students and parents

3. Add your certificate to your tutor profile online or linkedin or Facebook.

Below is a list of Australian Tutoring and Music Teacher Associations.


For Music Teachers


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