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The list below is the best Tutors in Australia based on the number of reviews parents and students provide on Tutors Field Australia, the Tutor and Music Teacher Finder.

The tutor listed below received positive reviews from parents and students.

If you know any great tutors and want to add your favourite tutors to the list, please email the tutor details to admin@tutorsfield.com.au. (Nominated tutors will need to have a valid tutor profile on Tutors Field Australia.)


Best Tutors in Melbourne

best tutor 1

“Brittney is very friendly easy to get along with and knowledgable she has helped our daughter with her maths ability and confidence.”

Subjects: Biology, English, Maths, etc

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1087


best tutor 3

“Kylie has been teaching my son for more than a year. She helps him in his English. I can clearly see his improvement in English. I am thankful to her for her help.”

“Kylie helped me through my journey of year 12 with VCE English, and i am very thankful for everything she has taught me throughout this time. She was very helpful and allowed me to send essays to her to proof read and she continued to send me ideas and different discussions that i could use in my responses. Kylie goes out of her way to make sure that everything is understood by keeping in contact in between lessons. A great teacher for anyone who is needing that extra help with their studies.”

“Kylie has been helping me with developing my study and assignment writing skills for university level. This year I returned to study my MBA. Having not done any formal study for 25 years, things have ‘ changed’. Kylie is prompt with her responses and has always been there to challenge my current skills, developing them further. Highly recommended”

Subjects: Accounting, Business, Economics, English, History, Art, Maths and other VCE subjects

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-581

best tutor 12 “Amazing, lovely tutors that know what they’re teaching and have made me improve so much !”

Subjects: Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, English, Maths, and other VCE subjects

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1975

best tutor 14


“The best teacher I have ever had! Gary’s skills and knowledge is vast and he’s great at inspiring me to improve my skills. Highly Recommended!”

Subjects: Music, Drum

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1174

best tutor 15“I needed a good tutor to help me with my preparation for IELTS test. Jonathan was very patient and most importantly was able to explain the core concepts of English grammar, essays writing and preparation for IELTS test. He give me the skills and confidence to code and continue to learn English language.

With Jonathan’s help and guidance I have progressed tremendously and I highly recommend him to everyone as he is always ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind tutor. ”

Subject: English, IELTS

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-2115

best tutor 16

“Very happy with his service, with very clear explain methodology.”

Subjects: Information Technology, Computing

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-810


best tutor 20

“Roberto Tuzii is a wonderful Italian language teacher and has an incredible comprehension of the rules of the language. He is also very good at teaching those rules using modern resources and patience. I have no hesitation in recommending Roberto as a tutor regardless of where you want to go with your learning.”

Subjects: Italian

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-118

Best tutor 22e“Learning from Andy has really boosted my confidence and I’ve learnt a lot of Physics! He is a very good teacher!”

“Andy offered good, enjoyable lessons. His teaching style helped me develop the answers required in the exams.”

Subjects: Chemistry, Engineering, Maths, etc

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1280



Best Tutors in Sydney

best tutor 2  “My son has just started tutoring with Zoe and he’s in Year 5. He’s feeling more confident after just 2 sessions. He likes Zoe’s explanations and says it has helped him understand certain things a lot better. He feels relieved he can ask for help and Zoe has helped set a small amount of post-Tutorial exercises for him to sharpen up on.”

Subject: Biology, Maths

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1391


best tutor 4 “I had an assessment coming up in three weeks time and i went to Ross not knowing how he would help me however he guided me through my work and gave me his assignment to refer to and helped me understand the most important concepts without wasting time doing unnecessary tasks that won’t be assessed.”

Subjects: Business, Legal Studies

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1476


best tutor 5

“Great English tutor who really helped me get my English skills up. Very flexible teaching style that allowed me to go at my own pace.”

Subjects: Biology, English

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-548


best tutor 6

“I started with Driscilla last year for my Year 12 course in Biology. I spent two hours with her every week and I can say that she definently built my confidence up in this subject. I liked her teaching method, and the way she used her notes and extra resources to give me the best support. Would recommend her most definently.”

Subjects: Biology, Maths, etc

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1569


best tutor 7

“I sent my daughter to Infinite Knowledge during the year 11, as Chemistry and Biology are her poorer subjects that she were even dropping them. However, luckily, i find infinite Knowledge for my daughter, and the tutor, Justin, who ought to be rated one in million as a teacher. After my observation, i find out that the group environment was just not working for her. Justin made a spot for her to be able to concentrate on Biology and Chemistry in her spare time. Later,her exam came around the improvement is evident. We feel very grateful that found Justin as her tutor and highly recommend him.”

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1627

best tutor 17

“Very knowledgeable and helpful tutor. Thoroughly explains difficult concepts in a way for all students to understand and provides helpful tips to improve exam-technique. Overall great tutor, highly recommended.”

“The resources are exceptional! Thank you Gary and Amir for being super helpful with everything. Thanks guys!”

Subjects: Chemistry, Maths, Physics

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1631


best tutor 8

“I’m so happy with Trent’s approach. I never realised how helpful online tutoring could be. His ability to meet my needs was most impressive. He is down-to-earth and very qualified.”

“I really liked the way that Trent was able to connect with me. I have never had such a reliable nor professional tutor like him before. Well done!”

Subjects: Biology, Business, Economics, English, etc

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-954


best tutor 10“She is a wonderful friendly lady. I worked with her for my English and Mathematics. Being an international students from Korea I have a very hard time with my English and struggled with my assignments. She help me out for almost 6 months and I have been improving a lot. I still need a lot help but I can see that we will get there soon.”

Subjects: Maths, Biology, English

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1678

best tutor 11“This girl got me through my preliminary and HSC years! She also tutored my brother who only has kind words to say about Eliza too! Full of passion and enthusiasm. Highly recommended”

Subjects: Biology, Geography, Maths, Science

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1896

best tutor 13 “Great teacher, helped me and my child learn piano. Very fun and professional at the same time. Highly recommend. My child responded well to Christian after we had bad experience with 2 other teachers.”

Subjects: Piano

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-938

best tutor 18

“Dr Sani is an amazing tutor,he inspires you to achieve a greater knowledge about the subject.Dr Sani is a great tutor.”

Subject: Science, Biology, Medicine, etc

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-2177

best tutor 18 “I am a current year 12 student and I have tried out a total of 6 tutoring institutions, but it is Stepping Stone that I chose to remain with since term 2 last year. The reason that Stepping Stones excelled at improving my English result is due to not only the dedication of its two tutors, Martin and Chris, but also their intrinsic ability to guide with expertise. ”

Subject: English, Maths

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-2298

best tutor 19

“The individualised booklets were particularly useful, especially in the analysis of texts. Overall, Irene ran a great workshop. Feeling prepared for my HSC trials!”

“I liked how Irene specified the structure of each essay according to the module. It was very helpful! -Divya”

“Despite joining in the first term of Year 12, Education Quarter literally saved my HSC and I couldn’t be more grateful. From learning to identify basic literary techniques to constructing in-depth essays, Erenie helped me develop these skills and drastically improved my marks.Thank you so much!”

Subject: English, History

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-1620



Best Tutors in Brisbane

best tutor 9 “Fisch is a great teacher and his time in Spain really gave him a huge depth of knowledge.”

Subject: Guitar

Tutor Profile: http://tutorsfield.com.au/tutor-profile-499


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