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Best Way to Find Tutoring Jobs

Are you looking for private tutoring jobs in Australia? Tutors Field Australia is an online platform that connects tutors and local students and parents in Australia. It has over 7000 tutor searches and over hundreds of tutoring jobs for tutors and educators each month. You can create your tutor profile to start receiving tutoring job notifications.

Tutoring is an excellent way to help the others (students), practice your knowledge and skills, and to earn extra money. It can be difficult, however, to know where to find tutoring jobs. Tutors Field can help you to locate clients and opportunities in your community and beyond.

All jobs are posted by students or parents and updated daily.

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Things to consider before applying

  • Read job post and understand what the student wants to achieve from tutoring (e.g. learning difficulties, exam preparations)
  • Tutoring location (e.g. travel time, petrol, traffic)
  • Do you have the right experience and skills (e.g. do you understand the high school exam and syllabus in Australia)
  • How old is the student? (e.g. you will require working with children check if you are going to tutor a child)

Things that will increase your chance of getting the jobs

  • References (e.g. ex-students/ parents of your ex-students)
  • Teaching materials (e.g. past exam papers, exercise books)
  • Outstanding results in high school or University


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