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Tutors Field Australia is one of the biggest educational blogs for students in Australia. The blog contains students’ stories, study tips as well as other useful information such as past exam papers and ATAR calculators. Our goal is to provide free resources for students to read, learn and be motivated. Some of our latest blog posts interview students who achieved outstanding results in high schoolTop habits that top students have ATAR 95+

Why we are one of the best educational blogs for students?

How you can contribute to our community?

  • If you are a student, you can share your stories with us (e.g. how you achieved a great result in high school, problems that you face in school)
  • If you are a teacher or educator, you can share your tips with us (e.g. how can students improve themselves)
  • If you find any error on our blog or have any feedback, please contact us anytime

What we hope you will get after reading our blog?

We focus on educational matters, tips and real students’ stories. We hope you to learn from other students or experienced educators so that you can ultimately improve your grade in school.



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